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Help design an accounting system that best fits you or your company and satisfies the owner
Each system will depend on the individual or type of business the company offers.
The system can be developed to your liking and depending on the budget the individual or tbe company is willing to pay.
One of the most baisc kinds of book keeping is recording entries directly of the companies monthly bank statement. That is the cheapest choice but it does have its flows. It show you a broad picture of your business and how it is doing but it will not give you the exact numbers down to every penny. Bank Statement Recording - The client will provide us with a copy of their bank statement and we will post every transaction of the bank statement into Peachtree.
The more detailed book keeping method will be developed for an exact fit for the company. This plan has two different options. Accounting Full Recording - You will provide us with all the financial paper work and we will post it to PeachTree, Organize it, File it into binders and return to you for safe keeping. Accounting Part Recording - We will develop forms specifically for your company which you will need to fill out daily (ex. Daily totals form, Payment Receipt) We will post it to PeachTree. Organize it, File it into binders and return to you for safe keeping. 
Department Staff: Name: Andrey Lyand Phone: 646.409.1744 Email
Data Cleen Up - You can provide us with your financial paper work for a few month or years back and we will enter all of it into peach tree, organize it, file it into binders, and return it back to you for safe keeping.
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