We help with any the following service: A. Tune-Up - Optimize startup and shutdown, install   Windows updates, improve menu navigation, cleanup quick launch and taskbar and create program shortcuts - Removal of unwanted programs - Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality - Diagnose performance - Remove dust from inside the computer including fans and components B. Setup - Perform system updates and improve PC speed and performance. - Enable basic security functions - Create desired user accounts - Create recovery disc C. Data Backup Transfer - Transfer all your data from your old computer to your new computer - Make a backup of your data on DVD or external hard drive D. Data Recovery - Retrieve your important documents - Perform level one recovery, hard drive is working normally but there is other damage to the computer which is preventing you from accessing the data E. Operating System or Software Install - Install one Operating System or Software (Customer must provide Software Discs) - Install drivers - Install critical updates
Our computer is one of the most important devices in our daily life. When they stop working smoothly our life becomes more complex. Buying a new computer can be expensive and can be a headache. Instead you can send us an email or give us a call and have one of our experience technicians tune-up your computer and enhance its performance and increase its speed. Schedule a Drop-off or Pick-up Today Flat Fee of $59.99 (Per Computer & Per Services Call) Call or Email Us Today to schedule a drop-off or a pick-up time. In the rare occurrence that you’re unsatisfied with our work, we will return your money back.
Department Staff: Name: Andrey Lyand Phone: 646.409.1744 Name: David Pishchik Phone: 646.552.2062 Email TopQualityResults@gmail.com
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